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Road transport
Road transport is defined as the transport branch in which cargoes and passengers are conveyed using roads. Road transport services are provided by specialized road carriers with appropriate vehicles as well as qualifications. One of the most important advantages of road transport is the availability in the sense of delivery. Dense road network allows to deliver cargoes to virtually every point on land and enables the execution of door-to-door orders.

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The company Mar-Trans Group Sp. z o.o. was set up in Busko Zdrój in 2004.

Initially, the company was part of a transport group which comprised two companies: Tras-Pol and the current Mar-Trans. The Trans-Pol company is a company with many years of tradition dating back to 1991. From the very beginning, the company has been organising transports throughout the country and in 1998 began to carry out international transport in southern Europe, including Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy. In 2000 the company started to carry out the first transports to the areas of Eastern Europe and Asia.
Due to the dynamic development and expansion of its activitiy as well as the acquisition of a regular group clients from Eastern Europe, a new company called Mar-Trans Transport i Spedycja was created in order to provide freight forwarding services and organize transport for our clients from Western Europe to countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Several years of experience in domestic and international transport acquired at Trans-Pol allowed us to provide professional and comprehensive freight forwarding and transport services in international relations in Southern and Eastern Europe.

The continual improvement of our qualifications ensured us constant development, thanks to which we offered our clients services at the highest level. Such approach and professionalism have been recognized in the eyes of our contractors, who began entrusting us with ever-increasing volumes of cargo and new directions, knowing and valuing our reliability and timely deliveries.

In connection with the growing volume of transports comissioned to us, the company decided in 2005 to purchase the first cab-over unit with the flatbed semitrailer. Since then, the company has started its international transport operations with its own set and in 2006 acquired two more the same sets. The following months involved the intense work of our team and the extension of our own fleet by another five units of cab-overs with flatbed semitrailers in 2007 to the level of 8 own vehicles.

The continuously growing number of orders resulted in the acquisition of another 5 vehicles in 2008, which increased the fleet. In 2009, the company decided to expand its activity and began to carry out transportation in Western Europe to Germany, France and Spain. This direction of the company's development caused the need to expand the fleet and we decided to buy another 5 vehicles.

In 2010, the company began transporting in West Germany in directions: Germany-France-France Germany and Germany-United Kingdom-Germany, thus starting a new stage in its activity and organization of road transport for our partners from Western Europe. Such a development contributed in 2011 to the purchase of another 8 cab-over units with curtain trailers. The dynamic development of the transport services performed by the company on the new field resulted in 2012 in the expansion of our fleet by another 8 vehicles with curtain trailers, thanks to which our fleet consisted already of 34 units.

The continuous improvement of our transport services, quality and innovation in carrying out of our transport services in the Germany-France-Germany direction was widely appreciated by our German partners, so we decided to offer our customers the availability of our vehicles 365 days per year. Such a change guaranteed the continuity of work of our vehicles the whole year round without having to leave the assigned transport contracts. The challenge we set for ourselves and our company in 2014 resulted in the replacement of majority of the fleet with completely new vehicles to improve our reliability for all our partners.

The direction of activity and strategy adopted by the company resulted in the purchase of another 10 vehicles in 2014, which strengthened our fleet to provide transportation on the route of Germany-France-Germany. The next vehicles bought by the company were implemented into the 365 days project. The aim of the project is to ensure the availability of each of our vehicles for our partners. We are reliable and ready to take the freight all year round.

In view of constant recognition for our ideas, innovation and quality of transport services among our partners, the year 2015 was devoted to improving the organization in our company, which in 2016 resulted in the decision to replace a significant part of the fleet with the high-tech vehicles. The main supplier of cab-overs was Scania concern and MAN concern completed our fleet. The majority of trailers were supplied by the Schmitz company and we purchased additionally several Kogel trailers.

Recognizing the positive effects of extensive organizational changes and the replacement of the vehicle fleet with trailers at the beginning of 2017, the company decided to replace the whole fleet of cab-overs with trailers with completely new and modernly equipped vehicles. The implementation of the project was planned in stages. The last stage was completed as scheduled in December 2017. The project involved an exchange of 60 cab-overs with trailers and the enlargement of the fleet with another new cab-overs with trailers. After the tests of cab-overs in 2016 and the analysis of the assumptions, which were determined, the vehicle produced by a German manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus lived up to our expectations. Thanks to such a good result, the company signed a contract with MAN Truck & Bus Polska for the supply of 90 TGX cab-overs with D2676 (460 hp), 2300 Nm and (500 hp), 2500 Nm with a new 12 + 2 gearbox and even better SmartShifting gear changing function. All vehicles received a retarder and parking air-conditioning, thanks to which our drivers got comfortable conditions to rest after finishing work on hot days and in the evenings. The leading supplier of the trailers was as in previous years Schmitz and the additional partner remained the manufacturer of Kogel trailers.
After all these changes, our fleet consists currently of 90 modern vehicles, which are fully equipped with the newest telematics and IT systems.

Following the strategy adopted in previous years of maintaining the highest level of the fleet and ensuring reliability we again tested tractor units of the latest models of selected makes in 2022. According to the vehicle evaluation parameters adopted by the company, the best performer was the new-generation of Scania R. The vehicle met all our expectations and those of our drivers. In the face of such circumstances, a decision was made to purchase the first Scania tractor units in R configuration with full equipment and the purchase of a further three batches of vehicles from the same manufacturer was scheduled for the first half of 2023. A total of 35 new-generation Scania tractor units have been purchased and, once all the vehicles purchased have been deployed together with vehicles from this manufacturer that were already in our fleet, Scania has become the leading brand among the tractor units that we use for our business. Based on the current good performance and manufacturing quality of Scania vehicles, our company budget was planned so as to accommodate purchase of further vehicles of this make for the year 2024 in order to further improve the efficiency of our services and the reliability we guarantee to all our contractors.

Many years of experience in road transport and great opportunities linked to solid technical background cause that we are able to solve every customer problem related to road transport throughout Europe.

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